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The Portfolio of Robin Prachar



what I do

I am an award winning interactive designer with a love for mobile design and experience creating business-class and pharmaceutical applications.
Art Direction
UI / UX Design
Web Design
Mobile Application Design
Creative Problem Solving
Logos & Graphic Design

i like

I have over twenty years of experience as a professional designer in both web and print. I started my career with a telephony company — back when we had to check website compatibility with Web TV! Since then, I’ve held various art and design related titles in in-house design departments. Now, by day I design mobile apps and web-based software for a fantastic company at the Jersey shore!

If I’m not at my work office, I can usually be found working endlessly in my home office. I eat and breathe Adobe Creative Suite and there’s always an extra large cup of coffee next to me with more brewing. Nobody is surprised when they get emails from me at 2am. My mind identifies colors in hex and Pantone numbers and I irritate my friends when I identify fonts by name on menus and billboards.

Please contact me to discuss me experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

I'd love to discuss my work and experience with you.


A sample of some recent designs.
Please contact me to discuss my pharmaceutical work.
  • Lacrosse App
  • Hockey Video App
  • Retail Responsive Website


Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. -- Charles Eames

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