Hockey Video App

A spin-off product of the lacrosse app, I designed this sports video app in Photoshop for both Android and iOS at retina resolution. The hockey version is shown, but there is also a soccer version with the same design and functionality.

App Features

Watch Goals: Fans and players can watch the latest goals. Find goals by league, team, player and any type. Customize and follow their favorite teams’ and players’ goals. Have live goal video alerts sent to them in real-time.

Upload Their Own Goals: Players can upload and post goals they have scored, record their own game calls, select famous announcers game calls, and use voice transformation technology to have EPL announcers call their goals.

Share Goals: Fans and Players can share EPL goals and their own goals through their social networks.
Learn how to score goals: Players and fans can watch instructional breakdowns of EPL goals to learn the mechanics of why the goal worked, why the goalkeeper was beaten, and how to do it next time they’re on the field.