University App

Built on the Moofwd Convergence Platform, Mooestro is an m-Learning suite for creating customized student-centric applications. Mooestro lets educational institutions mobilize all the elements of a complete education experience, from class information, scheduling and event notifications, to messaging, class registration and financial transactions, all in real time.

With hooks into the legacy systems educational institutions have already invested in, Mooestro provides an elegant way to mash-up these internal systems such as SAP, Oracle and Moodle, with cloud based resources and services to create custom mobile applications.

The Mooestro approach allows the IT departments within educational institutions to mobilize the education experience while leveraging all of their existing IT investments and device environments. Mooestro applications run natively on all leading smartphone and tablet devices, delivering an easy to use compelling experience for the mobile devices that students, educators and staff already have.

The “ready-made” app I designed comes included with the platform. The included apps allow institutions to populate their platform with tangible content and make the end user experience instant, secure, and more productive. The app features LMS integration, access to secure applications like finance records, enrollment records, and any other sensitive information, announcements, RSS feeds, messaging, emergency management, grades, locations and maps, phone directories, course information and library search. A repository of images, icons and backgrounds allows the institution to further customize the Mooestro-built app to their specific look and feel.